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For Your Dreams & Goals

How do you get somewhere without knowing where it is you want to go?  What dreams have you deferred?  How are you blocked from living your best life?

Specific Action Steps

Visioning, mindfulness and Divine connection help us define our dreams, goals and objective - making more sense of where we are at and illuminating the path before us.

Measurable Results

Living from Love rather from Fear is true freedom. We know we are on the right path when we can sit through discomfort. When joy and peace show up, we are golden.

About Kristen

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Meet Kristen

As a Licensed Spiritual Guide, it is an honor for Kristen to work with individuals around the country, from all walks of life.  Her positive Spirit helps people gently uncover limiting beliefs, release old patterns, reveal true essence and heal hearts.  She is not a therapist or counselor - her works goes far deeper and works much faster than traditional methods.  With a unique combination of prayer, perspective and intuitive guidance Kristen with help you change your thinking and change your life!


The Path

Always a seeker, Kristen studied dozens of religions to find that they are all promoting the same premise - the Golden Rule.  Her personal struggles became blessings when she learned to apply new thought principles to life and release patterns of perfectionism.  She is passionate about meeting people where they are at, creating a judgement free zone and encouraging self love.  In our fast paced world, with a ton of distractions, we can easily loose site of who we are and who we want to be - but there is a path to peace. 



Kristen's compassion, patience and persistence led me to the place I am now, peace, happiness and joy.



RN, MSN, PhD candidate

Kristen's ability to channel and intuit is nothing short of a miracle.  Letting go of fear, embracing love, becoming my own best friend - Priceless.

P. E.

Wife & Mother

Bliss Breaks... when I can bring peace and adjust my response in the moment, life get's that much better. 


M. K

University Professor



Browse Kristen's services below


Virtual Memorial Ceremonies

Soul-utions Coaching now provides remote gathering technology & guidance which is easy for anyone to join.  Feeling connected to our loved ones during a time of loss is critical to our wellbeing and greatly aids healing.  When a Soul makes their transition, their journey is just beginning but those of us left behind deserve to gather, share memories, partake it ritual and release.  Our current social distancing requirements were making this impossible, but not anymore.  Let Kristen support you as deeply we are One.  Together we can connect, family, friends, near and far, to celebrate the beautiful life of those who have moved on.  This service has no fee and is provided for a Love offering only.

Soul-utions Coaching

Soul-utions Coaching Session help you learn tools to quickly shift your personal circumstances to improve focus, find joy and meet with success in all areas of your life. Immediately impactful sessions are 45 minutes and can be done in person or by phone.  

Bliss Breaks the Book

Bliss Breaks are easy, quick, free and effective mental exercises to shift your state of mind.  You can practice them any where, at any time to manifest peace, cultivate joy and reduce stress.  Watch one here:   

Now Available on AMAZON: 

doTERRA Essential Oils

Oils have have amazing power to support our mind and body.  100% pure, there is an oil for healing everything, including your home.  Discover simple changes that have a dramatic impact on your health, your home and the planet.

Positively Presented Events

In addition to writing and coaching, Kristen uses her degree in Speech Communication and Facilitator Certification to bring her message of peace and stress reduction to businesses, teams, and community groups of any size. 

Books, Gifts & Tools

Healing is an inside job, but there are amazingly powerful writings, symbols and tokens support you in uncovering limiting beliefs, releasing behavior patterns, manifest peaceful days, managing stress and healing your heart.

Weddings, Memorials, Visioning

Kristen is honored to plan and perform unions, life celebrations, facilitate visioning and teach mindfulness.  She has perfect locations for every budget and dream.


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